Everything You Need to Know to Plan a Sailing Vacation this Summer

If Diddy has taught us anything, it’s that life is so much sweeter on a yacht. And now thanks to technology and chartering companies, you don’t need to have Diddy money to plan your own yacht vacation.

You can charter your own yacht, skipper, and even a small staff for a celebrity-style vacation for the same amount of money you would spend on hotels and tours on your typical week-long vacation. Keep reading to find out how you can ball on a budget this summer on your very own yacht vacation.

Start with the Destination
The first step to kicking off your sailing vacation is to choose your destination. Charter companies have boats all over the world, whether it’s close to home in the U.S., or far away in Southeast Asia, you can probably find an affordable boat to sail the seas.

In the summer months, you can spend a week sailing around New England, or island hop through the Virgin Islands and the Carribean. If you want to see the Mediterranean, you can choose a route that sails through some of the Greek Isles or Turkey. If you’re looking to find your own version of Wakanda, you can set your sights on Madagascar, Tanzania, and Cape Verde. If there is water, you can probably sail there!

Find Your Yacht
Believe it or not, renting a yacht for your sailing vacation can be