Got Ghosted? Flip the Script on Negative Self-Talk

Who else found themselves relating to Issa’s dating situation on this season of Insecure? No, not the part where she showed up unannounced to Nathan’s house, but the way she continually focused her perspective on what she had done to cause Nathan to disappear from her life. I think many of us have been there before.

In this day and age of technology-focused dating, it’s become much easier for the people we date to go silent without any sort of explanation – leaving us to wonder what happened. As we saw during the season finale, Nathan’s disappearance had nothing to do with her and everything to do with his circumstances.

As cliché as it may sound, our thoughts shape our reality. Plenty of research exists to support that notion. So the next time you find yourself spiraling into a cycle of self-blame and self-doubt, try flipping the script on those negative thoughts and replacing them with thoughts that are rooted in self-love and faith in your future.

Negative Thought: Was it something I did or said?
Replace it with: I love who I am. I am looking for a person who loves me for me fully and completely, quirks and all. I can not say or do the wrong thing when I am being myself.

Negative Thought: I knew this would happen, people always