How To Talk To Your Child After A School or Neighborhood Shooting

what’s happening, but can pick up the emotions of those around them,” Chow said. “I’ve always advised parents to address these issues in a timely manner and give them a brief modified version of what happened. Most importantly, remember to be truthful.”

Before deciding whether to let a child watch news coverage of a tragedy, parents should watch the news first and use their best judgment. They also need to set a time limit for viewing.

“The news can be pretty intense for viewers under the age of 10. Don’t leave the TV on for hours,” Chow advised.
She said watching the news with your child can provide a teaching moment.

“Have a discussion while watching the news, and help them digest the information afterward. The older they are, the more they will be able to comprehend and process,” Chow said.

Many school-age children get information from friends and classmates, so parents also need to