I See Blood in My Urine, Could It Be Bladder Cancer?

Did you know men are about 3 to 4 times more likely to get bladder cancer during their lifetime than women? According to the American Cancer Society, the estimates for new cases of bladder cancer in the United States is about 81,400. Of that number, 62,100 are men. Although bladder cancer is found twice as often in Caucasians, African American men and women actually have the lowest survival rate.

The sight of blood in your urine – the toilet water turned a shade of red – is understandably an alarming one. The good news is that it’s usually not serious. In fact, even something as innocent as exercise can cause it. But there’s a possibility it may also be a symptom of a more serious problem such as cancer, so you should always see a doctor about it.

What is blood in the urine?

Red blood cells (RBCs) in the urine (called hematuria) can be hard to ignore when they turn your toilet bowl pink, bright red, or the color of cola. Intermittent spots of blood in the water may be also be seen. This overt form of blood in the urine is called “gross” or