5 Moves To Lose Your Love Handles For Good [VIDEO]

Overweight woman back fat exercising

A little something to hold onto is okay. A lot of something to hold onto is another story. Love handles, the inner tube or the infamous “muffin top” has got to go. It’s time to stop wearing two tight shirts to cover up what you’ve been trying to get rid of. All these crazy diets and exercises might not be addressing your problem area. For those that don’t know love handles are the excess fat on the sides of your waist. Trust, this PSA is for the ladies AND fellas.

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Rochelle Boykin, a certified fitness instructor and owner of Fab Fitness, offers her expertise on how to get rid of that extra jelly that plagues our bellies. Her holistic approach to a healthy life involves an active lifestyle of exercise, clean eating and meditation.

Here are 5 moves that will help you get rid of love handles and trim that waistline! Do 3 rounds of this circuit, at least 3-4 times per week and you’ll start to see results within 3 weeks!Ladies, you’ll be wearing crop tops in time for those summer day parties.

Read on and check out the video for proper form.

Low Plank Hip Dips

Position your body into a low plank position with your back straight, abs tight and elbows directly under your shoulders. Squeeze your abs super tight and lower your right hips down to the ground while twisting your body. Keep both elbows down on the ground and keep the butt low. Now switch and lower the left hip to the ground. Alternate hip dips and do 3 sets of 20.

Side Plank Twists

Get into the side plank position with the left forearm, elbow and foot resting on the ground. Keeping the hips high, make sure your body is in a straight line (like a plank of wood). Now raise your right arm and reach your right arm under the left, touch the ground behind your body, then scoop the arm back up. Keep the hips high and abs very tight. Repeat the side plank twists 20 times on each side.

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Russian Twists

Grab one weight and sit down on the ground with your legs bent and heels down. Now tilt your body back and bring the weight to your chest. Hold your abs tight and make sure your back is always straight, never hunched. Now twist your upper body from side to side and try to bring the elbow down to the ground. Alternate sides and do 3 rounds of 20.