My Story: “My Child Said…My Belly’s Too Big”


Meet Gordon. A hardworking father and entrepreneur of the Fykes Foundation. Gordon is like many men: working day-to-day to provide for his family and is often busy. That busy schedule gets to many of us, oftentimes pushing our health to the back burner. And before he knew it, Gordon had ballooned to 320 lbs.  So he started on a journey back to health. Here’s why:

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“Last November my youngest daughter and I were sitting at the kitchen table having fun, talking to each other and enjoying a big country breakfast,” Gordon explained. “She looked at me with her big beautiful eyes and said I love you but your belly is too big.”

Kids can be so brutally honest.


“Instead of getting upset with her I asked her if she wanted to start exercising with me…and she did. From that day I just started to cut back my intake.”

So far Gordon has lost 60 lbs (with the encouragement of his daughter, of course).  His weight loss goal is to get down to 215 lbs, which he is on target to do so in a few months because of the change in his diet.

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“I cut out 90% of the junk I was eating….Every now and then I’ll eat a slice of pizza,” Gordon confessed. “I used to eat a whole pizza. “My ‘go to’ foods are cottage cheese, pineapples and tuna. As a general statement I eat 1/2 of the amount that I normally would eat. I also walk 2 to 3 mile per day 3 days a week.”

Being creative is also a key to Gordon’s continual weight loss.  He’s realistic about his goals.

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“The biggest obstacle is fighting the urge to fall back into bad habits and not control my portions,” explains Gordon. “For example if I am with my children and they want McDonald’s, I eat the same portions that they do. For example, I eat the smaller, ‘Happy Meal’ size instead of the super-sized I rather have, lol.”

When asked what other dads can do to start living healthy, Gordon issued this challenge: “Everyone that wants to lose weight, ask yourself if you like what [you] see in mirror… That is the first step!” Be real honest about who and where you are (or are not). Just as honest as a child would be.


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