Manage Your Diabetes By Going Vegan

Berry saladHere’s another reason to give the vegan lifestyle a try – it can help lower blood sugar over time for diabetics.

That’s right. A recent study found that type-2 diabetics who ate only vegan foods for about 12 weeks had a lower blood sugar level than diabetics who ate otherwise.

Another bonus: the participants also lost weight while on the brown rice-based vegan diet.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your blood sugar under control, veganism may be the solution. Here are a few steps to kick off your new vegan diet:

1. Avoid animal-derived products.

Yes, this includes all animal fats, too. But it’s OK. Eliminating animal-derived products from your diet can increase kidney function and prevents the loss of calcium from the body.

2. Avoid added vegetable oils.

Oils are high in calories. It’s better to cook with vegetable broth or water and to steam your food instead of frying it. Any bean spread, hummus or jam is better than margarine, as well.