Luckie’s Quick Tips: Dynamic Stretching

sloan luckie bannerStretching before you exercise is good, but doing the right kind of stretching is even better. Before exercise, I recommend dynamic stretching over traditional stretching because dynamic stretching warms up the body. Warming up the body is ideal for preparing the body for exercise and contributes to optimal performance. On the other hand, traditional stretching cools the body down and weakens/relaxes the muscles. This is suboptimal before exercise and can impede getting the most out of your workout. Traditional stretching is more appropriate and necessary following exercise.

To warm up your body easily, try doing knee raises.


  • Prepares muscles for exercise
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Improves full range of joint motion
  • Burns calories pre-exercise
  • Improves flexibility


  1. While walking across a room, raise right knee to left elbow.
  2. Then, raise left knee to right elbow.
  3. Do this 10 times in one direction and 10 in the opposite direction.

knee raise 2knee raise 1

In addition to the above, here’s three dynamic stretches you should be doing weekly (Complete 10 reps of each exercise below for 1-2 rounds).

1.Knee To Chest
As you bring your knee to your chest, raise the opposite foot off the ground, like you’re standing on your tippy toes. This helps you bring your knee those extra few inches higher to accentuate the stretch.

2. High kicks
High kicks help warm-up the hamstrings and improve range of motion. You can do them while alternating as you walk, or how I prefer, stationary while focusing on one side at a time. If starting with your right leg, extend your left arm straight out. Kick your leg up while keeping your leg and hand straight so that your toes hit your palm. Try to…