Stand Your Way To Flatter Abs Exercise (VIDEO)

When people think of getting six-pack abs or a flatter tummy, many turn to crunches or floor exercises to get the job done. But besides diet, good standing posture actually helps flatten your belly too.

Focusing on your posture goes beyond how your midsection looks. Posture is important in fitness because your core muscles’ main job is to support your spine during workouts. For example, when you lift weights, your abs stabilize your spine, which helps to prevent injury.

Good posture can also help you avoid injury when you work out by allowing your muscles to work more effectively.

Simply standing up for 10 minutes while engaging your core (sucking in and releasing your core muscles) five times a day can help.

Standing up straight is especially important for postpartum women because their abdominal muscles (and therefore posture) have been thrown out of whack by