Surprising Ways Your Sleeping Patterns Affect Success

African American man sleeping

We’ve always known that a good night’s sleep is a great idea, but its benefits go much deeper than just restfulness. For years, scientists thought that the function of sleep was merely to rest the body, but recent studies show that sleep is essential for both learning, creativity, and ultimately success. It’s no surprise that people who are well-rested have higher comprehension and are more creative.

All this is old news to Kristine Tohtz, chiropractic physician and assistant professor at Resurrection University in Illinois.

“Unhealthy sleep schedules are the culprit for many health challenges we see in people,” Tohtz said. “Not getting enough sleep causes low-grade inflammation in the body and as a result, causes a drop in the immune system, affects brain function and heightens the chances of being diagnosed with serious diseases.”

She went on to say there is research suggesting a connection between long term sleep deprivation in patients with breast cancer and heart disease.

“The body has to recuperate from the rigors of everyday life through the