Take Your Run To The Next Level With These 6 Tips

For beginning runners setting achievable goals and being cognizant of a few tips can help reduce the chance of injury and improve training sessions. Minor alterations to major areas such as biomechanics and hydration before running, or to smaller tweaks such as breath control and proper footwear, can take your run to the next level.

Focusing on the details of your run or job will elevate your performance and decrease chances of injury. Here are 6 tips that could help take your run to new heights, and distances!

Overuse or injuries from overtraining after a hiatus from your regular routine is common with the amateur runner. If you haven’t been physically active consistently for a while, its best to ease back into things and give your body a chance to adjust to new levels of physical stress.

After a break from training, your muscles aren’t used to being worked high-performance levels and therefore they are more prone to injury and fatigue. Gradually increasing your pace and distance, while being sure to listen to your body is key to getting back into a healthy groove.

Maintaining proper hydration before your scheduled workout or run, especially in summer months is another key to