The Sultry Six: The Key To A Perfect Smile

Are you thinking “The Sultry Six” is a new girl or guy band?

It’s actually not. “The Sultry Six” are your 6 top front teeth. The teeth that people notice the most when you smile. They are your “Image Makers.” Like your hair, skin, or the clothes you wear, you are also judged by the appearance of your teeth when you smile. So, it is important to know what it takes to make “The Sultry Six” attractive.


Brighter teeth restore a more youthful appearance and are definitely confidence boosters. Those with stained or discolored teeth can make their smile brighter and will then want to smile brighter.

Teeth Whitening is the #1 among the requested cosmetic dental procedures, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. It is best performed by a dental professional and within an hour of treatment time, can make your teeth appear up to 6 shades brighter. There are situations, however, when whitening is not enough.

Dental Veneers can change the shade and also the size, shape, alignment, and even spacing between your teeth. They are thin shells of beautiful ceramic or porcelain material made and bonded to the front side of your teeth. With minimal or no tooth modification, Veneers, are made to cover imperfections, stains, and discoloration and thus creating

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The alignment of your teeth is also an important consideration in shaping “The Sultry Six”. Crowding, spacing, or misalignment of teeth can be corrected to make your smile qualify for “The Sultry Six.”

Dental Veneers, as mentioned above, can also create the appearance of straighter and perfectly aligned teeth. But sometimes the appearance of your front teeth is affected by your other teeth. All teeth work together for the good of “The Sultry Six”!

Orthodontics is the most common and effective way to move and straighten your teeth to create an even and balanced bite throughout your mouth. This form of treatment is necessary when your other teeth do not support or help to…