There Are Levels To This. 3 Easy Steps To Transition Into Veganism

My first attempt at becoming a vegan a few years ago left me feeling unfulfilled with my lack of food options and with an attitude as a result of being ‘hangry.’ While my intentions of making that big change were good, I couldn’t help but feel defeated after going a week of preparing failed vegan meals that simply didn’t satisfy me.

So, after considering the fact that I jumped into plant-based mode with no prior research and hadn’t been a vegetarian for too long before making such a drastic lifestyle change, I made the decision to take a step back and spend some time learning how to prepare and enjoy more meatless meals, rather than eating beans and rice with a side of vegetables all day, every day, due to my lack of knowledge.

I took the time to research different foods and meals that were not only meatless but, were delicious and fulfilling, too. It’s been a little over a year and a half since I became vegan and I’m so appreciative of the journey I took to get to this point, as I believe it’s been beneficial with helping me maintain this lifestyle. If being a vegan is something you’ve been wanting to try rather for ethical or health reasons, but have no idea how to go about starting the lifestyle, continue reading for tips on how to make the transition.

Start With One Day A Week

Instead of diving in head first into plant-based meals, choose a day out of the week when you make it a point not to eat any meat at all for the entire day. Try eating oatmeal with added dates and nuts for breakfast, flavorful vegan tacos with a side of fruit for lunch and a creamy kale pasta with vegan sausage for dinner. Of course you can try this out any day out of the week, however, Monday may be a good day to choose.

There’s a popular Instagram hashtag dedicated to going meatless on Monday that has over half a million posts from individuals sharing countless meatless recipes and can be a great source to