Help! Should I wear the waist trainer or not?

Knowing this, many women like the idea of waist training and for aesthetic purposes, which I personally think, is okay. Like I said, I’ve had six daughters and want my tummy flat as much as the next person, and if wearing a trainer makes me feel better about myself, I think it’s a great resource and easy fix. However, the health concerns of waist trainers are not ones to overlook.

Risks of Waist Trainers

For example, if the waist trainer is so tight that you have difficulty breathing, that is not good. Having your airway forcefully constricted while exercising or wearing the trainer throughout the day may cause you to pass out, and there’s nothing sexy in that. The waist trainer cannot be too tight.

The other thing about wearing a waist trainer is that it could cause skin irritation, which I have personally experienced—and that’s also no fun. Plus, bear in mind, a skin irritation can lead to a rash or infection. We definitely don’t want to give our bodies any unnecessary health concerns right now; we want to keep ourselves healthy.

Final Ruling