Help! Should I wear the waist trainer or not?

The controversy over waist trainers is real. Ask a doctor and they may tell you of the dangers of wearing a waist trainer and how it compresses your organs or makes you unable to breathe. But check social media and your workout partner and they make you think you have to have it! But which is it? Should I wear the waist trainer or not?

As a fitness trainer and mom of six daughters, I know what it feels like to be frustrated with my body, particularly my midsection. Like most women, I want to use whatever products or garments I can to help me look and feel good, so I do wear a waist trainer regularly. I can definitely feel the difference in the support of my spine and my ability to keep my core muscles engaged. However, the reality is, with proper training, form, and technique, I can achieve that without the use of a corset or waist trainer—and so can you.