What’s In That Bottle? Drinks Gym Goers Swear By

close up woman drinking bottle waterEver wonder what everyone at the gym is drinking in those shaker bottles or neon-colored juices, but never had the nerve to ask? Heres some of the most popular concoctions that gym goers are sipping on, and you might want to try for your next workout.

Pre-Workout Formula

This supplement is one that many gym rats cannot live without. Pre-workout supplements usually come in powder form and are mixed with water before a workout. The supplements contain a good amount of caffeine and a mix of amino acids to boost energy levels and prepare muscles for work. If you do decide to try one, read up on the ingredients because supplements are not regulated by the FDA. You can also get the same boost from a simple cup of coffee and and have lasting energy through your workout!

Sports Drinks

Not so much a secret anymore, but sports drinks are always a go to for gym rats, especially for a long, rigorous workout. If you lose a lot of sweat during a workout, it’s a great idea to sip on sports drinks like Vitamin Water, Gatorade, or other products meant for hydration. The longer your workout, the more you’ll need to replace water and electrolytes during and after your workout. When you’re choosing a sports drink, check the label for sugar to make sure you aren’t getting more than hydration and electrolytes with each sip. Aim to drink sugar-free drinks or drinks with under 20 grams of sugar.