Young Doctor’s Hangover Cure Goes Viral

2. Virgin Mary
Kick yourself back into action
Virgin MaryBBC Three
1/2 glass of tomato juice
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 dash of Worcestershire sauce
1 dash of hot pepper sauce
1 celery stick

“Tomatoes contain fructose, which is a sugar that can help the alcohol in your body metabolise faster,” explains Emeka. “It also contains vitamins and minerals, which help fight inflammation and rehydrate your body and brain. When you start telling your friends how much you love them, that should be when you decide you’re done with drink. You’re in a happy place, so there’s no need for more alcohol.”

3. Ginger Tea
Guaranteed to make you feel tea-riffic
Ginger TeaBBC Three
12 large ginger slices
4 cups of boiling water
Dash of lemon
1/2 cup of honey
Fresh orange juice
The science behind it: “Ginger is great at soothing the stomach. It also speeds up alcohol digestion and it can even help your throbbing head.”

The science behind it: “Before you go out, put a chair with two paracetamol and some water on your bed. That way, you won’t forget to take these bad boys before flopping yourself into the bed.”