Fat-Proof The New Year

meal prep

(BlackDoctor.org) – We’ve all heard the statistics. In our kitchens—there’s a struggle for our fitness. Our food habits are traditional, but our lifestyles have changed. And who can blame us? Family time has shrunk and while stressed families aren’t ignoring the get-lean message, they just don’t have the time and resources to figure out a way to make a healthy lifestyle work for them.

But armed with expertise from fitness and nutrition specialists, you can reshuffle your life.

Food Rule #1 Don’t diet.

Living well isn’t about being on a diet. It’s about establishing sustainable patterns of good behavior. Restrictive diets don’t work for adults because they collide with our all-too-human nature. Think ‘right food at the right time’, and you will have begun. As soon as you can’t have the bread or the red meat, you want it. For children especially, rigorous diets are a potential disaster. They can set the stage for rebellion or serious diseases like anorexia, say experts.