In A Word: Water Is ‘Life’

5 glasses of waterWater is the essential life source.  It’s the key to prevention, healing and helps to filter toxins out the body.  More abundant than rain, more than 70 percent of the Earth is covered with it.  We dance in it, play in it, consume it and cleanse with it.  Yes, thankfully, water is everywhere!

Over the past two decades, Americans’ drinking passions have shifted significantly.  We now drink water more than any other beverage.  Second only to oxygen, water is a healer.  It accounts for 70 percent of our total body weight.  Each cell of the body needs water to carry out its functions. The kidneys eliminate a pint of fluid per day to prevent toxin build-up.

Water supplies oxygen and nutrients to cells, and removes cellular waste through the blood and lymphatic systems, hydrates the skin, acts as a shock absorber for bones, muscles, joints and transports vitamins, minerals, proteins and sugars for assimilation.  Water also acts as the body’s air conditioner by expelling internal heat through perspiration.