Your Waist Size: The New Vital Sign?

( — Of course, you know that pulse rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate are vital signs that are taken and used to monitor your health when you visit your physician.

At the recent NMA conference, doctors discussed the increased importance of yet another vital sign — waistline management. Why? Because how large your waistline is can help doctors determine your heart health risks. Fat around the waist is detrimental to your health…in fact, studies show that it’s better to have fat on your butt than on your stomach.

My Waist & My Health: What’s The Connection

People who gain weight around the waist increase their likelihood of developing heart disease, which is the number cause of death of African American men and women. This is why doctors are advocating to make patients more aware of their weight. This means measuring their waists in addition to just weighing them.

What’s a Healthy Waistline For Me?

The standard waist measurement for women should be no greater than 35 inches. For men, it should not be greater than 40 inches.