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    Guilt-Free Diet Tips For Memorial Day

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    Managing your weight loss even through the most indulgent of food-focused holidays really comes down to choices and preparedness. If you choose to eat only the unhealthy foods, sit in a lawn chair and drink all day, the repercussions are obvious.

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    However, if you treat yourself a little bit, stay active, and focus on eating more nutritious food choices, then you’ll feel better and prove to yourself that sometimes you really can have your cake and eat it, too!

    Here are five Memorial Day diet tips that are sure to help you make health conscious decisions this weekend, still enjoy the festivities, and wake-up guilt-free on Tuesday.

    1. Grill a Healthy Alternative. Swap your beef burgers for turkey burgers or a grilled portabella mushroom cap. Try a turkey brat instead of the traditional fat-laden bratwurst. Or, try one of these healthy grill recipes for chicken, pork and fish.

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