4 Easy Ways To Tell If You’re Depressed

getting things done at work/school, withdrawing from close family and friends, relying on alcohol and sedatives, not doing usually enjoyable activities or unable to concentrate, you may be suffering from depression.

Pay attention to your behavior and your day-to-day actions. Where do you go most? What do you find yourself doing? Asking these questions may lead to your answers.

Pay Attention To Your Feelings
How do you feel? Feeling of overwhelm, guilt, and irritation are common. Some other feelings that may arise may be frustration, lack of confidence, unhappiness, indecisiveness, disappointment, miserableness, and sadness.

Pay Attention To Your Thoughts

Your thoughts could be a clear window of how you really feel about yourself. Some with depression often think: ‘I’m a failure,’ ‘It’s my fault,’ ‘Nothing good ever happens to me,’ ‘I’m worthless,’ ‘Life’s not worth living,’ ‘People would be better off without me.’

Pay attention to