5 Fat-Burning Herbs & Spices

There are a plethora of weight loss pills, shakes and supplements on the market that promise to help the eagerly health conscious to lose those stubborn extra pounds with ease, but some of these supplements can contain chemicals that aren’t healthy to use over an extended period of time.

The Earth provides us with everything we need to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, and when it comes to weight loss supplements, nature has provided us with raw materials that can help with burning calories to drop the weight.

So, the next time you want a boost in your weight loss, head to your spice cabinet and grab one or more of these spices that have been proven to help in weight control!

1. Cayanne Pepper

This fiery red pepper contains capsaicin, the compound that makes peppers hot.  This compound has been linked to helping boost the body’s metabolism 5 percent and increases its fat burn by 16 percent.  The fact that this spice heats up also plays a part in burning those excess fat cells.  Use cayenne pepper in dishes that require a bit of spice to help boost your weight loss and to add flavor.

2. Cinnamon

Not only does this sweet spice help to improve blood circulation, but it also boosts metabolism and fat burn! Cinnamon is also an excellent spice for managing blood sugar and cholesterol, which makes it ideal for individuals with diabetes.  Use a few sprinkles of cinnamon on your morning toasts or rolls and help get that blood circulating and feeding your vital organs!

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3. Ginger

This isn’t a spice that many people use regularly, but it is one that should definitely be added into your…