Real Estate ‘Chocolate’ Model Wants To Get You Healthy [VIDEO]!

Ok, brace yourselves. Remember Donnell Blaylock Jr? The Michigan real-estate agent who aspired to be a model? Well, his intro video into modeling, aptly titled “Chocolate” went viral and has made him a name and face around the world for upcoming modeling campaigns and some very interested women.


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But the teaser campaign for up-and-coming model is to help others eat healthy. Instead of eating chocolate, in his new video, Blaylock puts together a salad: complete with tomatoes, lettuce and salad dressing. Then eats it just as he did the chocolate in the first video. This video is entitled “The Salad Chef”.

He also just released (September 2016) a workout video to help the ladies (and men) get their bodies sexier. Here’s the teaser:

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His last video has amassed over 3 million views, so who knows how far this one will reach. He is obviously appealing to his fan base, women, but trying to use his powers for good by encouraging women everywhere to eat healthier. His salad being a good start.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Blaylock says, “my responsibilities are to basically keep my body’s physique presentable…