5 Infused Water Recipes To Help You Feel Better

Bored with your everyday water habits? That’s a reason to spice things up. Not only are infused waters an easy way to drink more, but they also have a number of health benefits.

Here are five water recipes that you should try:

1. Berry, Peach & Coconut 

Drink for: Increase Libido 

Infused water can replace juice and soda in your diet. Mix and match fruit — like a berries, peach and coconut combo — for a sweet alternative and an increased desire “down there.”

Also try: cherry and lime

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2. Lemon, Cucumber & Mint

Drink for: Skin Detox

This recipe is a classic and a spa favorite. The lemon flushes out toxins, the cucumber battles water retention and the mint serves as a diuretic.

Also try: rosemary and strawberry