#WeSeeYou: From Hood To Hooded, Congratulations Dr. Shon!

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#WeSeeYou is BlackDoctor.org weekly feature on those who are doing amazing things in regards to health that need to be shared. This week, we honor Dr. Shon!

The wearing of distinctive regalia for universities consisting of a cap, gown and hood began in England. There, in the second half of the 14th century, the statutes of certain colleges prescribed the wearing of a long gown by faculty and students. Although originally attached to the robe, the hood subsequently became separated. Upon completion of a bachelor’s degree, bachelors had an optional woolen or badger skin lining added to their hoods. Graduates of higher degree (doctors and above) and individuals of high birth had hoods lined with silk, sandal, or fur. Over time, distinctive colors were adopted by each discipline to distinguish them from their colleagues in other fields of learning.

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That ancient ceremony is being practiced all over the country in the next few weeks and we couldn’t be prouder of one person who is participating: Shonteral, better known on social media as Dr. Shon.  Dr. Shon is a Meharry Medical School graduate and dentist. She is known as the motivational dentist giving her fans and followers boosts of motivational messages throughout the day.  And why not?  Dr. Shon has an incredible story to tell.  Here it is in her own words below:

Would you believe that my mom had me at the tender age of 14 and she became my guardian angel at the 8 years old?

Would you believe that my father was incarcerated the majority of my youth years and a struggling addict?

Would believe that every one expected me to be a statistic?

Would you believe that I once thought that I wasn’t good enough to be a doctor? I thought I was too dark, too poor, too stressed, too broken, too scared, too insecure, and too alone to thrive in a career limited to African Americans. But God… He makes all things possible.

(Photo credit: Instagram.com/drshonw)

I’m living proof that you can break generational curses! Thank you Meharry School of Greatness for…

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