STUDY: Blood Purification Process May Treat Multiple Myeloma

sickle cell red blood cellsResearchers are looking into a blood purification process that could potentially treat multiple myeloma and other cancerous conditions.

The procedure, called extracorporeal blood purification, was discussed at the American Society of Nephrology’s annual Kidney Week conference in November.

“While our findings conclude that targeting these molecules is possible, further research will help us understand the clinical impact of removing these molecules from the blood,” researcher Markus Storr, senior R&D manager at Baxter International Inc., said in a press release.

The purification method allows the blood to pass through a membrane within a circuit outside the body. Then, the circuit filters harmful molecules and waste from the blood before returning it to the body.

According to the press release, this type of therapy is typically used on patients with acute kidney injury – who are incapable of clearing toxins from their blood due to sudden loss of kidney function.

“Baxter continues to build on its commitment to contribute meaningful research to advance acute and chronic blood therapies,” said Dheerendra Kommala, vice president, Medical Affairs, Baxter.

Baxter researchers looked at two areas where blood purification could be therapeutic for multiple myeloma patients.