GirlTrek Partners With For A Year-Long Celebration Of #BlackGirlHealing



GirlTrek Partners with Largest Online Source for Information on Black Health

(Washington, D.C. – February 13, 2017) GirlTrek, the most inspirational and largest health movement for Black women and girls, is teaming up with (BDO), the leading healthy lifestyle site dedicated to Black health reaching more than 60 million users a month and has 1.4 million Facebook followers, for a series highlighting personal health testimonies of #BlackGirlHealing from GirlTrek members around the country.

“ is a go-to destination for everything Black health and GirlTrek is thrilled to work with in sharing some of the strongest personal stories of health and inspiration around from our Black women and girls,” said Vanessa Garrison, GirlTrek cofounder.

“We know walking changes lives. We see it every day from Keinika in Chicago who walks with her two young daughters to model what a healthy life looks like to LSU college student Jaycie, who walks because she won’t sit while Black women die in silence from preventable diseases to Charlene who walks every day on the levee in New Orleans and has walked off more than 100 pounds. These stories are powerful and we have so many more to share. Our hope is that these stories of victory from every day women and girls will touch someone to take the first step of living their healthiest, most fulfilled lives and that’s to go out for a walk.”

Told in their own words, a new GirlTrek #BlackGirlHealing testimony will be appear online at each month beginning on February 21st. Last year, a few GirlTrek #BlackGirlHealing profiles were featured on and were met with an overwhelmingly positive response: “I Have Been Afraid that Stress Will Kill Me,” “By Varying Lengths of Thread I Continued to Hang On,” and “The Very Thing I Wanted to Get Rid of Became my Buffer From the World.”

Sandria Washington, Executive Editor,, said, “In the midst of discussing our #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackGirlJoy, there must also be space for Black women to discuss our journeys going through #BlackGirlHealing. As Black women, we often bear pain in silence, tuck our hurts in our shoes and keep on walking and put the needs of everyone else before our own. Finally, we’re saying ‘No more.’ We want to truly live, without the normality of stress and preventable diseases. I’m excited that is partnering with GirlTrek to share inspiring stories of revolutionary self-care.”