5 Popular, Ineffective, Fad Diets You Should Never Consider

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Ranking at the #1 spot on everyone’s New Year’s Resolution list sits “stay fit and healthy”. Next in line is “lose weight”. However, many take these new-found goals to the extreme and will literally try anything to achieve them. What’s even more daunting is the fact that businesses are very well aware of this and hit the ground running with new (and sometimes scary) ways to lose the weight…and lose it fast! Some work for a while of course, but after all the pills and special drinks have dried up, will your new and improved look last? Will you even feel the same?

Take a look at some of the most ineffective fad diets I’ve found that you shouldn’t even think twice to consider:

The Tapeworm Diet… Huh?


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This diet is by far the most dangerous and ineffective way to lose weight that we’ve heard of yet. The idea is to ingest a parasite found in beef carcasses, known as tapeworm. In rare cases, tapeworm can easily affect the everyday person by unknowingly eating the undercooked meat of infected animals.

This discovery was linked to weight loss, as the tapeworm attaches to the inner walls of your intestines and feeds off the food you consume. However, what they don’t stress enough is the fact that tapeworms can live and grow inside your body up to 55ft long and can survive up to 25 years if not properly treated. Just say no…


The Subway Diet


Image: Unsplash

Jared made it look like a miracle eating Subway sandwiches. It helped him lose 245 pounds in 11 months! Sure, substituting large, unhealthy meals

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