Adapt to Anxiety and Depression With These 5 Herbs

For many of us, dealing with anxiety and depression is simply a part of life. Removing triggers like stressful jobs or winter (yeah, it’s coming) typically isn’t an option. Instead, what we adapt and learn how to manage anxiety and depression, whether it’s seeking therapy or creating an exercise routine. Whatever your method, adaptogens can offer support.

Adaptogens are part of Ayurvedic medicine that have been used in ancient healing for centuries. Rather than targeting one specific organ, they helping our bodies achieve a state of balance and increase our resilience. They can offer a natural boost for those of us who deal with anxiety and depression.

Apoptogenic herbs are available to take as liquid tinctures or capsules of ground herbs. As always, consult with your doctor before taking new supplements. Once you’re ready, give these a try:

Ashwaghanda can reduce stress and anxiety by 44 percent, according to