Organization Opens 100s of Black-Owned Beauty Supply Stores

In an age where many African American-focused beauty supply stores being owned by everyone but African Americans, it’s actually uncommon to see one that is Black-owned. That’s what makes Beauty Supply Institute such an incredible gem to the Black community. Beauty Supply Institute is a training and consulting organization founded by Devin Robinson, a former business & economics professor. Since 2007, his organization has helped open more than 100 Black-owned beauty supply stores across America, Canada and the Caribbean islands.

According to their website, the institute’s mission is to arm beauty retailers with top quality and relevant executable tools and resources that will prepare owners to be successful in any economic environment. Give inexperienced and seasoned entrepreneurs techniques to become top competitors in the beauty industry.

Devin has always had a passion for helping Black entrepreneurs own beauty supply stores because very few of the ones that sell Black hair care products are actually owned by the people who buy these products. Even more, there have been several incidents of racism and discrimination against Black consumers who support non-Black owned beauty supply stores. This inspired him to write the best-selling book Taking it Back: How to Become a Successful Black Beauty Supply Owner.

(Photo credit: Beauty Supply Institute)

In 2010, Devin’s Beauty Supply Institute began hosting two bi-annual conferences; one on the west coast and one on the east coast, to educate individuals on the overall business, how to get in and if is best for them. So far, the conferences have been held in various cities including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Cleveland, St. Louis and New York.

In 2016, his organization expanded into hands-on training by moving its headquarters into a 5,000 square foot facility that now houses its headquarters, training rooms, consulting rooms and a fully functioning beauty supply store.

And in 2018, Devin established the Beauty Supply Lending Group, which offers a few funding options for aspiring store owners – from traditional SBA loans to non-traditional loans only requiring a minimum 551 credit score. Interest rates are competitive and start-up loans can go as high as $150,000 for future owners and up to $400,000 for existing store owners.

Devin comments, “This has been a vision I’ve continuously worked to bring to life ever since I was threatened with…