Best Exercise Routine To Do In The Morning

Cheerful healthy young woman exercising with dumbbells

Some of us are “morning people” others are not.  But with the right exercise routine, everyone can at least look like a morning person by being alert in mind and body. Plus, with the right exercise, you can jumpstart your metabolism to burn calories all day long. Here’s a five-step exercise routine that just right for the morning:


1. Stretch Sit-Up
To slowly activate the core muscles (without stressing them out), try this move. Lie on the floor with legs together and straight out in front of you and arms extended on the floor overhead. Stretch arms up, engaging core as you sit up, and then try to touch your toes once you’ve reached a full bend in hips. Return to start.

2. Squat Twist
This move targets your lower body, but also incorporates a twisting motion to work your obliques and upper body—especially if you add a weight to the mix. Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width, toes pointing forward. Without moving left foot, rotate torso to the left, lifting right heel off the ground and twisting right foot to the left as you do. At the same time, extend arms up to the ceiling to your left. Rotate body back to center, and then lower into a squat. As you do, bring arms down until they cross over your right foot and hover above the ground. Return to start.

3. Plank Combo
This is a great way to get the blood flowing to the core and works both the upper body and the core. Begin in a modified plank position, with hands and knees on the ground, keeping shoulders, knees, and hips in one straight line. Place toes on the floor, and then lift knees off the ground to go into full plank position. Hold for 2 seconds in the first set (increasing to 4 seconds in the second and 6 in the third). Return to modified plank. That’s one rep.