Boxers Or Briefs: What Men Need To Know About Buying (And Wearing) Underwear

According to Dr. Archer Atkins, ND of, there are more health risks that can result in a male from not wearing proper underwear support than there are for women not wearing a bra.

“Underwear that cause the scrotum to dangle excessively can result in chronic, low-grade trauma to the scrotum. Longstanding scrotal irritation from going commando or using boxer shorts can lead to epididymitis or the formation of an idiopathic hydrocele. The same dangling situations also put males at risk for testicular torsion,” wrote Dr. Atkins in a recent blog.

Sperm Count

There has been a longstanding myth that wearing tight underwear affects your sperm count. Although there is a slight increase in scrotum temperature among men who wear tight-fitting underwear, your boys will swim just fine.