Can You Suddenly Develop Narcolepsy?

It is estimated that anywhere from 135,000 to 200,000 people in the United States have narcolepsy. Symptoms often start in childhood, adolescence, or young adulthood (ages 7 to 25), but can, in fact, occur at any time in life. However, since this condition often goes undiagnosed, the number may be higher.

According to Genetics Home Reference, new observations show that Black patients with narcolepsy tend to have lower CSF hypocretin levels, earlier symptom onset, and more severe daytime sleepiness but lower rates of cataplexy. This group with narcolepsy is often misdiagnosed with other conditions, such as psychiatric disorders or emotional problems and it can take years for some to get the proper diagnosis.

Where does it start?

Narcolepsy may have several causes. Nearly all people with narcolepsy who have cataplexy have extremely low levels of