Chrisette Michele Opens Up About Miscarriage, Suicide & Being A Strong Black Woman

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Singer Chrisette Michele recently shared some of the struggles she has dealt with since the backlash she received after she made the decision to perform at President Trump’s inaugural ball. That backlash cut deep, including being dropped by her label, struggling with depression, and even suffering a miscarriage.

The beautiful hit singer already had reproductive issues since suffering from not one, not two, but FOUR major issues including PCOS, fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis. But she says the pressures of this season in her life took her body over the edge.

“I went from someone being revered and loved to facing putting out an album in the worst climate of my musical career,” she said in a series of posts on Instagram. She even shared a picture of her miscarriage on social media. She shares that all of this tried to take her down while she worked on an album titled, “Strong Black Woman.”

(Photo credit: Instagram)

“You don’t have to be a celebrity to fail, to fight, to struggle. Pain is universal…,” she posted. “I went into the gym and trained like a body builder to try and push past the pain I was feeling. I’d run up hill and lift weights heavier then strong men. I’d cry my way thru workouts. My trainer would cheer me up. God bless him. I pushed so hard and ate so much protein, I scarfed away my hurt. My old habits of binge eating disorder began to show themselves. Drinking maybe nothing but water for a day after a day of heavy intake. My trainer didn’t know it but he was feeding the demon that covered up hurt with food. I had a long cycle. Something came out of me. It was my child. The one my love and I worked so hard on. I never knew I could allow myself to be so broken that my physical body would break down.”

“A miscarriage? Me? This experience of a broken nation showed itself in my own physical body. That was when I knew I had to pull it together. Heal, Forgive. Just because I had a negative experience didn’t mean I had to become negative and broken. When I lost my child I knew that it was time for me to become a #StrongBlackWoman”

(Photo credit: Instagram)

“My love was so supportive during this time. “Strong Black Woman” is not just about powerful black women, it’s about the incredible men who support them. My man saw my anxiety and gifted me with a 200 hour yoga course in New York City. I knew it was important for me to be kinder to my body, my self image and my heart. A miscarriage, suicidal thoughts, bingeing and physical overload was taking a toll. Yoga. I was the only black girl. The only curvy girl. But…