Foods For Healing Trauma Through Nutrition

Injury as a result of a traumatic attack often takes time to heal. The recovery process is unique because victims have to deal not only with the physical injury but also the mental torment. Healing is a process that should be started as soon as possible alongside seeking the help of Seattle personal injury attorneys to deal with the perpetrator who put them in an unwanted position.

Aside from physical therapy, victims can heal faster by incorporating healthy eating habits into their healing program. When patients don’t eat the right foods, it can lead to inflammation and prolong healing. Increased inflammation can cause the body to produce more free radicals and impede the body’s ability to detoxify. To help patients recover faster, here are some of the anti-inflammatory food items they should eat:


Kale contains more than 45 flavonoids, which serves as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. In fact, it is among the vegetables regarded as a superfood, which are great for mitigating the adverse effects of chronic inflammation and oxidation. It also helps regulate histamine expression, which is crucial for faster healing. If possible, have about two cups of raw kale a day.

Green Tea

If you like having tea, switch to green tea. It can help reduce