How To Incorporate 6 Effective Exercises Into Your Workday


When we’re bogged down with work and meetings, our health is the first thing to take the backseat. We constantly think about it and genuinely want to strive for a healthier lifestyle but timing and life, in general, seems to always deter us downward on a spiraling path. For those who just can’t seem to leave their desk or office during the day, here are 6 effective exercises that will flexibly fit into your work schedule:

Park Further Away from The Door

Yes, this sounds a bit mundane but it actually works! Try parking in the very last spot furthest away from the office building or even your apartment. The extra steps will burn extra calories, every little bit counts. Those are the spots always open anyway, so no excuses!

Refill Your Water Every 2 Hours

We tend to forget to drink water 8 times a day but never miss a beat with our coffee or Starbucks runs. Why is that? Make it a habit to frequent the water cooler with a refillable tumbler to not only