Is Mom In The Wrong For Beating 16-Year-Old Daughter On Facebook Live?

Nia Green mother Shanavia Miller

Nia Green’s mother, Shanavia Miller/Facebook

One mother’s wish for the Facebook Live video – showing her beating her 16-year-old daughter — to go viral has come true, though with mostly negative reaction from viewers.

In the video, originally posted to Nia Green’s Facebook page, the 16-year-old girl can be seen cowering in a corner as her mother punches and slaps her in the face.

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The mother, identified as Shanavia Miller on The Root, tells viewers that she’s beating her daughter, Nia Green, because she posted inappropriate pictures on Facebook of herself and a teen boy together in the house.

The pictures and the video have since been taken down from the Facebook page, but copies of the video are circulating throughout social media with the hashtag #NiaGreen.

“So, now, you wanna try me, right?” Miller says at the beginning of the video. She then strikes the girl with an object resembling a ruler. The girl replies, “no.”

“You wanna be a little thot on Facebook, right?” Miller continues. “Thot” is derogatory slang for whore.

The video is about five minutes in length.

“Wow, that was difficult to watch,” Yanni Brown, a certified relationship coach, said after watching the video. As the parent of a 17-year-old girl, Brown believes in whoopings as a form of discipline but does not agree with striking a child anywhere other than their bottom.

“You should never discipline your children when you’re angry. I also don’t believe that you should fight your children,” Brown says. “Coming up, we respected our parents and feared the discipline, but it was done with respect.”