4 Ways To Help Him Last Longer

couple in bed upset

One of the top three complaints about sex is the length of time dedicated to the act.  Both partners go into the sexual situation with the anticipation of having a climax (ideally at the same time), yet sometimes one leaves feeling slighted having to reach an orgasm solo or not at all.  Rapid release, or premature ejaculation (PE), is a common issue among men young and older. In fact, early ejaculation is the most common sexual disorder in men below the age of 40. It can be embarrassing for many, but there is hope, indeed, for the man that rushes through his orgasm.

Premature ejaculation can be managed and with the help of a loving and understanding partner it can be done away with for good with constant work and focus. Working on this issue with a male partner can not only help with boosting sexual confidence but can deepen intimacy as well. If ending too soon is an issue that has plagued your sex life, take a look at these helpful ways to start on the track of having sexual intercourse with longevity.