Smart Eating: A Microwave That Counts Calories


You probably currently use your microwave to bring life back to that late night carry out you grabbed after a fun-filled night out with your friends, or to whip up a quick random meal. Well, soon enough the tech gurus at General Electric are going to be rolling out a smarty pants microwave that will help monitor your eating and SNACKING! Business Insider reports this new invention will automatically calculate the caloric value of the dishes it’s asked to warm/cook.

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But how does it do it you ask? It uses what they are calling a calorimeter that simultaneously weighs your food and penetrates it with a low-energy, which behaves in different ways when it passes through different nutrients. Then, the microwave monitors these changes to assess your food’s nutritional components, while estimating the number of calories it contains. The whole process only takes a second or two.


So what could possibly make this microwave any smarter? Well, it actually knows how to link up with your smartphone, and keeps track of your calories via an app. So what will be your excuse now when it comes to keeping track of your calorie intake?

If you think you’re getting a pass because you don’t use a microwave, don’t be too quick to think you’re off the hook. GE is working on some things for you, too. The initial project is just with microwaves, but the longterm goal is to roll out a line of all smart kitchen appliances that scan and calculate all of your food. This will be a dream come true for those food prep lovers out there!

That said, there’s no word on whether and when this could hit the mass market — so don’t get too excited. Especially since stressing over calories can seriously suck the pleasure out of eating, anyway.


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