191-Pound Weight Loss: “The First Step Is To Get Fed Up”

ramie reed

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It’s hard to argue with results.  And that’s what Ramie (@Ramie_isGorgeous on Instagram), a young lady on a mission, gives you. She was a self-proclaimed “pretty for a big girl” but it wasn’t until her 22nd birthday that she decided to do something and get serious about her health. BlackDoctor.org sat down with Ramie to explain just how she did it.

BDO: What was the defining moment that made you finally want to lose weight and be healthier?

Ramie: All my life I had been overweight and probably one of the most confident “big girls” you’d ever meet, but for some reason when my 22nd birthday came along I wasn’t “feeling myself” like I normally would. My clothes weren’t laying right on my body, nothing seemed to fit right and I was totally in denial about moving up to 26 pant size. So I guess it’s safe to say I was finally tired… It took me about a month after my birthday to finally start getting the ball rolling but I went out and bought a scale and I remember stepping on and it read 342 and I was totally disgusted with myself and knew I needed to make a change or eventually I would end dying from the only disease I could cure without a Dr. and refused to lose my life to obesity!