My Story: “My Goal Was Never To Be Skinny”

RochelleCreate. Destroy. Rebuild. That’s the mantra that’s guided Rochelle Hoofatt’s body transformation over the years. The Tampa, Florida resident shares her inspiring story of weight loss and maintenance with below.

All of my life, I have been considered overweight or obese according to doctors, but I never let my weight define who I was. For a few years, my weight would fluctuate, but in 2013, my weight was at its highest point: 215 lbs.

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Coming from a Caribbean background, where the language of food is the staple form of communication, it was extremely difficult to live a healthy lifestyle. Anyone from the Caribbean can understand the pressure of family constantly criticizing your body, yet in the same breath, stress you to eat and feed you the tastiest, yet most unhealthy of meals.

When people would say “You need to lose weight,” and “You are too young to be this heavy,” I would ignore them and simply respond: “when I am ready to change, I will.”

There were several events that occurred within a year that ignited my fitness journey, indicating that I was finally ready to change. My transformation began when my friend and I decided we were going to participate, or “play mas” in Trinidad carnival.

Like most people, I had a goal to lose a certain amount of weight to look amazing in my costume, and that’s exactly what I did!


A few months later, I was graduating from the University of South Florida, and decided to keep the weight loss movement going. At that point, I was very proud of how I had changed mentally and physically, but knew I had the potential to accomplish so much more.

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Summer was quickly approaching and I made the life changing decision to participate in the most challenging summer program at MMFitness: Summer Soldiers. At that time, I was eating well, but I also realized that I needed someone to help take my nutrition to another level. Shey Webb, my nutritionist, showed me the importance of changing the types of food I eat on a weekly basis, and that healthy eating can actually be tasty.