Get The Look: Ombre Lips

ombre lips

The ombre´ craze may be here to stay for a little while longer. We’ve seen this trend start in fashion and now it’s bouncing through the different avenues of the beauty world. Omber nails, eye shadow, hair and now lips! After catching up with makeup lover, Blair Beats (instagram @My_ish_Cray), I found out how simple this new trend is to accomplish. Here is what you need to do to get this great look:

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What you’ll need:

  • Your favorite lipstick –  Blair Beats loves the MAC collection
  • A darker lip liner (or if you have a steady hand, a darker lipstick and a lip brush)
  • A shimmery, light-colored powder eyeshadow or even lighter lip color
  • A small, flat brush that you can wash

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  1. Apply the lipstick to your lips.
  2. Next, line your lips with the dark liner or (lipstick if you chose this method), paying special attention to the corners of your lips.
  3. Blend the liner into the medium lipstick by drawing really short, feather like strokes from the outside in.
  4. Time to highlight: Using either a powder or lighter lip color, take your brush and the light eyeshadow/lip color and dab a little right in the middle of your lips, upper and lower, creating a small circle. Blaire prefers the eyeshadow, as it has the advantage of not smudging.
  5. Blend it out with a brush. Blaire Beats finds it easier to blot it out with her finger.
  6. Once you’ve blended everything together, you will begin to see the beautiful ombre´effect.
  7. Now, go strut your stuff!


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