6 Signs You Might Be Dealing With A Narcissist

woman puckering lips in mirrorWe all know someone, whether it’s a friend or coworker, who’s completely stuck on themselves and thinks that the entire world revolves around them. A person who exhibits these traits is commonly referred to as a narcissist, which is someone who’s excessively preoccupied with themselves, as well as power and prestige. But did you know that it’s possible to possess narcissistic tendencies without actually having Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Here are a few traits to look out for:

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1. They always make every conversation about themselves.

If you start talking to someone about your problems and before you know it, they’ve managed to steer the entire conversation back to themselves, this could be a telltale sign that you’re dealing with a narcissist.

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2. They don’t take criticism well.

Let’s be honest: No one truly enjoys being criticized, but narcissists take it personal and tend to be hypersensitive to it. They may overreact and immediately become defensive afterwards.


3. They like nice things.

This is not to say that all people who enjoy nice things are narcissists, but many narcissists are obsessed with the idea of being perceived as having a higher status so often times, they’ll purchase expensive material things to impress others.

4. Their appearance means everything to them.

Narcissists pride themselves on looking attractive and stylish at all times. In addition to material things, narcissists use their looks to maintain their status. Of course, not all people who take care of their appearance are narcissistic.

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5. They’re constantly name dropping.

We’re all guilty of name dropping from time to time, but a narcissist will find a way to bring up every person they know the first chance they get.

6. They constantly blame you for their mistakes.

Although it might be clear as day that they’re the ones that made a mistake, narcissists will try to find a way to turn it around and blame someone else for whatever it is that went wrong.


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