Back To Back Muscles In 15 Minutes

back profile of woman with weights in both hands

Pain in the lower back is a common concern, affecting up to 90% of Americans at some point in their lifetime. Weak muscles are often at the root of back pain, especially lower back pain.

The muscles of the back, the abdomen, and the buttocks all support the spine – these muscles are called the core muscles and they are the spine’s main defense against gravity. Strengthening them with exercises can prevent, reduce and even eliminate back pain. By toning the muscles in your back, you can relieve and prevent pain.

Following are 5 moves to help you strengthen your lower back:

Move 1: Lunge, Lift, and Turn

Start with feet in a staggered position with the right foot forward and place a dumbbell on the ground to the left of the right foot. With your abs contracted, bend both knees into a lunge and, keeping your back flat, pick up the dumbbell with your left hand (top).

Return to a standing position (center). Switch the dumbbell to your right hand as you turn on your toes to face the opposite direction.

With a flat back, lunge with the left leg forward and bend down to place the dumbbell on the right side of the left foot (bottom). Stand up and repeat the action in the other direction for one rep.

Targets: Deep-back muscles and obliques, plus hip and leg muscles.

Move 2: Twist, Squat, and Lift

Stand with feet about hip distance apart and place a wastebasket, with a five-pound dumbbell inside it, behind the right foot (top). Twist to the right as you squat down and pick up the wastebasket

Pushing through your heels, stand up straight and bring the basket to waist level (center).

Twist and squat to place the basket behind the left foot (bottom). Stand back up for one rep.

Targets: Deep-back muscles and obliques, plus quadriceps and glutes.