150-Pound Weight Loss: From Huff & Puff To Buff

(photo credit: Huffnpuff2buffntuff instagram)

( #WeSeeYou is BlackDoctor.org’s weekly feature on someone doing something extraordinary in the area of health. These are stories that need to be shared with the world. This week, we have the privilege of featuring Katie! Photo credit: Huffnpuff2buffntough instagram)


Katie is truly a phenomenal woman who is inspiring literally thousands of people around the world with her story. When faced with odds stacked up against her health, he decided not to wait any more for something better to happen to her, she went out and made it happen.

In 2017, she completed one of her goals and was in a fitness competition looking amazing!  The beautiful mom shared her fitness photos via instagram from her topping five contestants in the transformation division for the WBFF Fitness Atlantic USA Championships body-building competition Atlantic’s 2017 competition. See below: