Co-Creator Of #YouGoodMan Speaks On Sparking A Long Overdue Conversation About Black Men & Mental Health

Dayna Lynn Nuckolls #YouGoodMan

Dayna Lynn Nuckolls/Photo: TyKeith L. Nelson, Facebook

Sometimes all it takes is for one of us to say “we’re not ok and we need help” for the rest of us to step up and do the same. Kid Cudi’s recent Facebook post disclosing his suicidal tendencies and decision to enter into rehab gave many a second look at their own mental health status .

Most of us ask, “how are you doing?,” but how many of us are really good?

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The hashtag #YouGoodMan was created on Twitter by two friends, Dayna Lynn Nuckolls (@DaynaLNuckolls), artist and songwriter from Chicago, and @TheCosby, to address what’s really good with our Black men. Last Wednesday Dana Lynn suggested to her friend @TheCosby that they name the hashtag #YouOkBruh.

@TheCosby opted for #YouGoodMan and on October 5th the idea took off with a sea of posts and retweets.


Black men and their supporters have flooded the Twitter world with their honest posts supporting the #YouGoodMan movement.


 spoke with Dayna Lynn Nuckolls to learn the full story behind #YouGoodMan how do we continue asking #YouGoodMan from here.

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