Girl Talk: Why That “Time of The Month,” is BEST for Working Out

It’s that time of the month again. You just found your fitness groove and were planning on taking that new HIIT class at the gym, but your monthly visitor is about to force a rain check. You’re tired, uncomfortable, bloated, and absolutely annoyed.

The timing seems bad and you’re struggling with the idea of parting with your heating pad and trekking to the land of sweat and lifting. Why would you want to put any effort into making your way to the gym, being surrounded by others, and risking the chance of leaking?

Here’s why.

We don’t see too many people jump for joy when those first signs of menstruation appear. It can be painful, but it can also be just plain annoying. Dealing with the annoyances brought along by menstruation is a task in itself, but if you decide to add some level of physical activity to that task list, you may help alleviate some of those annoyances.

The many benefits of working out while you flow include…

  • Enhanced blood circulation and ease of cramps
  • Boost in mood and ease of PMS symptoms
  • Fatigue and headache relief
  • Naturally regulated periods

Of course, you should always