Nature Vs. Nurture: Schizophrenia Triggers In The Black Community

Schizophrenia is a tough condition to wrap our minds around. This is especially true in the Black community, where we tend to avoid tough conversations. Chances are you know someone who is struggling with their mental health and they may even be dealing with a schizophrenia diagnosis. You probably want to understand the condition better and learn why they were diagnosed. The truth is, it’s a complicated mental illness to understand, even for some medical professionals.

Through research, it’s been found that it takes a combination of genetics AND environment to trigger schizophrenia. Knowing what increases the chances of a schizophrenia diagnosis can actually help paint a better picture of what it is and what the odds are for a diagnosis

Schizophrenia & Genetics

You can think of your genes as an instruction manual for your body. If there’s a switch in these instructions it can sometimes increase your risk of developing diseases like schizophrenia. Doctors believe that it takes many genetic changes, or mutations, to raise your chances of having this mental illness. So, there isn’t just a single schizophrenia gene.

What Are The Odds?

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t genetic factors. If someone in your family has it, you’re more likely to