Stand Your Way To Flatter Abs

…pressed together. Next, lean slightly to the right to shift the weight of your body on the right leg and lift your left leg to meet your hands creating a side crunch. Repeat this for 20 reps on each side.

4. Rotating Deadlift

Place your hands behind your head and get into a split stance with your left foot forward and your knees slightly bent. Lean forward from the hip and engage your abs while keeping the spine naturally straight until chest is almost parallel to the floor.  While maintaining a flat back, return the body to an upright position and rotate the torso to the left to look over your shoulder.  Repeat this movement for 15 reps on the left and right side.

5. Stepping Chop
With your feet together, knees bent, hands collapsed and arms extended overhead, take a wide step out to the side with your left leg as arms chop down to the left. Do this movement in 20 reps for both the left and the right sides.

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